GES to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day


Announced by King Mohammed VI and President Obama, Morocco and Marrakesh will be hosting the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit, between the 19th and 21st November 2014!

The GES is a unique platform gathering more than 3.000 participants from all over the world to foster innovation, cross-borders partnerships and develop their ventures.


Women entrepreneurs will be particurarly celebrated during this Summit with a dedicated program under the theme “Accelerating Success: Mentoring Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs”.

“The Mentoring Workshop will bring women entrepreneurs (or “would-be entrepreneurs”) together with women already established in their fields. Mentors provide practical information, advice, and support to their Mentees. The orgaizers will address what Mentorship is, what makes a successful mentoring relationship, goal setting, and boundaries. Then, most importantly, they will conduct a Mentoring Rotation, providing participants with an opportunity to meet with mentors, share their business challenges, and implement what they have learned in the workshop.” *

* Source: Morocco World News.

ChangeMakerXchange Alumni Summit

Leeha at CMXchange Alumni Summit
Leeha at CMXchange Alumni Summit

Following the ChangeMakerXchange conference in Marrakesh last April, Leeha’s Founder took part the first ChangeMakerXchange Alumni Summit in Berlin, July 8th to 12th.

A four days event gathering 30 young social entrepreneurs from 15 countries presenting inspiring social innovations and helping co-creation the ChangeMakerXchange!

The event hosted open-space sessions and collaborative workshops around how to create positive change through social innovations and ventures.